Art, Nature & Soul #22

Sometimes people ask me, "What do you think about when you're painting?" It's asked more of my abstract works. So, here goes...I've had a lifelong obsession with certain ideas and thoughts. Thoughts that over the years I've come upon some terms, that best describe them, fractals, chaos & universality.

Fractals, the idea that patterns echo on and on in the smallest thing, such as a quark, rippling out into the largest,say as in the ubiquitous universe, and back again. Using the highest power microscope and the highest power telescope, the same patterns would exist. Chaos, is that random thing that on the rarest of occasions, will change that pattern. Universality is that, applied to human existence, as we are all part of the same cosmos, energy, & stardust.

Symbols & symbolism also plays a huge role in my artworks. One, you will certainly find, is a mobius strip, the beginning is the end and the end the beginning...I usually put one of these figure-8 type symbols, representing infinity, either drawn, painted or scratched into my more abstract works.

These current works are a mixed-media extravaganza, biginning with acrylic paint splashed and dripped, on to oil and galazes, then oil pastel, ebony pencil, charcoal, silver leaf and 18k gold leaf. With each layer my thoughts evolve and grow symbioticaly, yet simple repeat the same thing…connections.

Available for your consideration & as always feel free to comment ~Richard

'Algorithms' 36"x18" mixed-media on canvas