Art, Nature & Soul #18

A wise man, Henry David Thoreau, once said, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify”. Sometimes, mostly, less is more. I found that to be true in the creation of this artwork.

A subtle graduation of color and tone, the water becomes sky. Paint the boat unto the sky and reflect it into the water, put a person on the boat, & paint a red flag. Add alittle drip & splatter magic and presto, a boat in a vast seascape becomes a statement of individuality, longing and transcendance.

Everything we do is a self-portrait and autobiographical. When we choose to create, in the arts, it becomes ever more true. Whether by novel, poem, music, dance, photo, film, sculpture or a painting, what’s conveyed is a piece of our inner selves.

This poem I wrote and published many years ago. It expresses my feelings on the arts & the self expressed, perhap’s lost.

All Not Lost 

Death unknown, be weary to all, no more painting

Painted, colorless palette on ubiquitous void,

Of enigmatic space, oblique, unessential too

The ballad, song, sung out of key, un-enunciated AUM,

Two stepping tango out of step, no rhythm vibrancy

Choreographed in dance, on film, reel spins round

Cut lights, edit camera, action chop, Stop

Punctuation, splice comma, grammatical error

Novel that it be, illiterate poetics, free, strumming

Pick a prophetic chord, an instrument

Without tune, tuned piano reason, string plucking

Finger, nails, ripping, the quintessential

Thing, destroyed in political fire bomb, tearing

A flood, drowning…dro---owning puppet, be proud

Black and white photo, emersed, endlessly foreboding

Master, oils of color, last breath, an operatic note,

Stuggling ballet crescendos, a water muse on film

Based on a novel, poetic lyrics, flute concerto, all lost

Forgotten, all is art, I have created worlds, not defined,

Elite in being, suffered oneness of mind, universe..God. 

~Richard R Sperry

(At Waters Edge - copyright 1995)

Deep Ocean Sea, 14x11, Acrylic on Canvas, Sold in Private Collection (2012)

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