Art, Nature & Soul #3

I often find myself in the unique position of receiving a relatively objective critique of my work, unbeknowst to the viewer and critic. Sometimes that can be quite harsh given peoples diverse taste and appreciation for art. Even so I try to take something constructive away from that too. Most of the time though the overall take home is positive. There is much turmoil in the lives of people, including myself and so I strive to find those moments of quiet reflection. This work, has been in a group show on flight, a solo exhibit of my artwork and has been hanging rather prominently  on the walls of Proud Fox Gallery & Frame Shop over this summer. 

Some of the things I've heard are, 'How peaceful', 'Serene', 'Less is more',  'Nice approaching feeling on those birds. All due to knowing what drawing and paint can do in the eye.', 'This should have been the piece awarded', and 'How subtle' to name a few. Trust me I get my fair share of, 'My child could do that', 'I don't get it' and I think to myself, awesome buy your child some art supplies, sign them up for art classes and please get out to an art museum, but thats another story, for another time.

Sublties are something that has taken me along time to grow into. It's very easy to to throw color around, overstate with your brush and beat people over the head with the message and theme of your work. After many years of experimenting and studying, I'm currently using a more multi media approach to layer paint, build those ideas, and leave the bold for the finale and exclamation point. Please enjoy and always feel free to comment on my work.  

'Meditations on Flight' 36"x36" oil over acrylic on canvas