Art, Nature & Soul

   Several years ago, I set out upon the Atlantic ocean in hopes of seeing, some whales, those majestic giants of the sea. I had wanted to go whale watching for some 25 years and I was now 50 years of age and on a mission. We had set out from Hyannis on Cape Cod one early morning, the weather was seemly perfect and the seas were calm. We had traveled out on the ocean, perhaps a mile, when a dense fog encumbered our mission. The boat now moved slowly, as to not collide with these creatures. Soon enough, we could hear their song as they voiced there signals to each other. Soon after we could smell their breath, as one after another, exhaled from their blow holes, their spouts. The fog was dense and we couldn't get close enough to see them. The ocean was calm and looked like liquid glass. Where ocean and sky met was barely distinguishable, and what appeared to be light dividing the sky, may have been a whale exhaling. This was thrilling and left a lasting impression on me. When I got home I painted my impression, first off. Not sure if I saw a whale that time but, days later on another tour we did and now we go every year to see them. Currently, we're following the migration paths, of the Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale from feeding grounds in Cape Cod to their calving Grounds in St Augustine, Florida in hopes of learning and making a difference.    

'Blue Fog', 18"x14" oil on canvas